The Modern Tumbleweed: The Plastic Bag

25 Jun

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again? Sorry for the Katy Perry lyrics, but honestly, the fact that the plastic bags have found their way into a popular song shows just how much of a problem this “modern tumbleweed” has become. Plastic bags NEVER biodegrade, thus taking over a huge portion of landfills. Many efforts have been made to help alleviate the strain plastic bags have on society and the environment as a whole.

So here’s an update on some recent plastic bag ban news:

Hawaii made headlines last month when it became the first state to ban the use of plastic bags at the state level. Check out the Plastic Bag Ban Report for a geomap of where other bans and fees are springing up across the globe.

China’s ban on bags have saved over saved over 4.8 MILLION TONS of oil according to a recent article.

What can you do?

1. Remember to always bring your reusable bags when you go out shopping. Bringing your own bag is a easy way to help make an environmental impact and many stores offer a discount. Keep reusable bags in your car/purse.

2. Remember to wash out your bags every so often. If you don’t, some nasty things can start to grow that can hurt you, especially if you are putting food in the bags.

3. Produce bags: So you might use bags at checkout at the grocery store, but what are you putting fruits and vegetables in? Consider investing in reusable produce bags. Check these out at the Container Store!

4. Trash liners: Alright, so you might bring your reusable bags everywhere you shop, but at the end of the day, you still use plastic to line trash bins. Either don’t line your bins at all (most food should be going in a compost anyways…) or buy compostable bags, like these!

Pretty soon you’ll realize that you pretty much don’t put anything in the trash…because really, everything is compostable or recyclable!


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